D2D Presents: 2021 Youth in Motion Online Charity Concert

Music is our lifeline. As a language of emotion, it connects our souls that sees no boundaries, and it helps us recover amidst of this frightening and uncertain time. It is with this sense of optimism that we continue to push forward and unite a group of talented youth musicians from around the world to perform virtually at the 2nd annual Youth-in-Motion concert.

Special Greetings from Government Officials: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Senator Yonah Martin & Parliamentary Secretary Niki Sharma 

Truly a global initiative, 9 global youth artists bring hope, courage, and positive energy that rejuvenate our souls, while supporting BC Children's Hospital Foundation and the University of British Columbia's Blue & Gold Campaign.

Special Greetings: President & CEO of BCCHF Mr. Malcolm Berry & President of UBC Dr. Santa Ono

Over 2,000 people tuned in to watch the virtual concert and the YouTube video has over 7000 views to date. Through the concert, D2D successfully raised $100,000 in support of our 2 beneficiaries. 

Global Youth Artists: Naomi Aye, Lilia Bouwman, Kenadi Dodds, Efi Gjika, Jadyn Rylee, Bente Van Der Steeg and Linh Dan Vu