Follow along our VGH & UBC Hospital tour!

Hospital visits aren't normally our highlight of the day, but it was different this time around.

Following our recent donation of $10,000 towards VGH & UBC Hospital's purchase of Omnicell automated dispensing machines, we received the opportunity to tour the hospital’s Emergency Department this Tuesday.

Our tour was led by Dr. Chad Kim Sing, Head of the Emergency Department at VGH & UBC Hospital.
Dr. Kim Sing's desire to encourage a culture of philanthropy was shown through his willingness to give us a candid look into the urgent needs of the hospital.

Click here to catch a glimpse of life in the ER!

We couldn’t leave without snapping a picture with Dr. Kim Sing and the Omnicell machine!

As Dr. Kim Sing explained, the Omnicell acts as a “medicine vending machine.” From storing medication and tracking inventory, to ensuring security and generating reports, this automated system takes care of the entire medicine dispensing process. 

In comparison to other life-saving equipment at the hospital, the Omnicell may seem to serve a small purpose. Then again, we often underestimate the impact of little things. Before there were Omnicell machines, nurses were faced with the tedious task of manually counting, recording, and ordering medication. This takes up a significant amount of their time – time that could have been better spent on patient care.

Every minute spent with the patient matters. With the Omnicell machines in place, nurses now have more time to interact and connect with patients, allowing them to provide the best care they can!

We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Chad Kim Sing for taking the time to speak with us on Tuesday.

Dr. Kim Sing, your tour of the ER gave us insight, knowledge, and a reason to keep on giving. As we spent the day surrounded by busy staff and beeping machines, we could only imagine the confusion and fear patients have as they enter the ER. You and your team’s efforts in being pillars of support and strength are admirable. Thank you for what you do, and we hope to be celebrating another milestone with you the next time we meet!