D2D Presents: Heal the World

We are excited to launch our biggest musical collaboration!

Nineteen renowned youth singers from 14 countries come together for a special cover of Michael Jackson’s Heal the World. In celebration of World Music Day, this talented group of global singers use their musical talents to bring our community closer. The world needs more love, and through music we hope to impart positivity and happiness.


  • Ala Tracz (Poland)
  • Annie Jones (Australia)
  • Bente Van Der Steeg (Netherlands)
  • Efi Gjika (Albania)
  • Enzo Hilaire (France)
  • Gail Sophicha (Thailand)
  • Isabelle Tang (Canada)
  • Janaki Easwar (Australia)
  • Justine Afante (Wales)
  • Karina Ignatyan (Armenia)
  • Kelvin Dukes (USA)
  • Kenadi Dodds (USA)
  • Linh Dan Vu (Vietnam)
  • Maria Ermakova (Belarus)
  • Naomi Aye (Luxembourg)
  • Shea Liu (Canada)
  • Sofia Feskova (Russia)
  • Tanya Mezhentseva (Russia)
  • Valentina (France)