D2D Presents: 2018 Helping Kids Shine Charity Concert

The concept behind "Aptitude Gratitude" is to utilize our skills and talents to make a difference in the community. Recognizing that we are fortunate to be in the position to give, we are inspired to pass on this mindset to the rest of the world. 

D2D Team with Performers, Special Guests and D2D Advisory & Honorary Board 

"From Local to Global" Patrick started his journey of philanthropy at a young age. Growing up in Vancouver, he was actively involved with the fundraising efforts of the Young Ambassador Program in support of BC Children's Hospital. 

Performance by D2D Member Patrick Wang 

Performance by D2D Member Eva Minns and friend Elise Wong 

The D2D Destiny Foundation was honoured to have the Honorable Senator Yonah Martin join us and thank you to B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO, Ms. Teri Nicholas for joining as well.

Special Plaque and Flower Presentation: the Honorable Senator Yonah Martin, D2D Member Patrick Wang and BC Children's Hospital Foundation CEO Ms. Teri Nicholas 

Special thanks to our performers: D2D members Patrick Wang & Eva Minns, St. Patrick’s Choir & their conduct Mr. Tony Araujo, Elise Wong, William Liang and Kevin Li. With the great support of our guests & donors, we raised over $30,000 in support of Sunny Hill Health Centre.